Our agency offers you a great choice of chambers in Kiev and Kharkov city. Most of them are situated in the heart of the city. You would have liked modern and cozy apartments with all needed conveniences. Other advantage of the apartments is their location, it won’t take you long to reach any district of the city because there is a well balanced system of transport connection in the center of the city.

If you wish to reserve a particular chamber, please contact our call-centre and make clear if the chosen apartment is free. If the flat is occupied than our administrators will help you to find other variant. The first thing you are to do is to leave your contact information and payment for the first 24 hours. Done! The apartment is reserved.

Our contact details: tel +38067-855-46-02 or +38057-764-55-51

Apartment #1 – One room apartment – 35$ per night  19a Lenin avenue, apt. 6, 3rd floor

A gorgeous one room chamber located in the busy centre of the city. There are plenty of shops nearby. From this emplacement you’ll reach any district of the city in a matter of minutes. This flat is equipped with all needed technical devices you may need during your stay. You’ll have available washing machine, electric kettle and conditioner, hairdryer, iron, microwave oven. Also clean dishes, towels, linen.

Apartment #2 – One room apartment – 35$ per night  21a Lenin avenue, apt.273, 2d floor

This chamber is intended for the persons who want beauty and comfort of dwelling be combined in one. This lodging is full of charm and soft atmosphere. It is located in the downtown area (metro station “Naukova”), near shopping plazas, markets and recreation facilities. This one-room accommodation combines various architectural styles and modern design and you will be glad to spend there your time. All conveniences included.

Apartment #3 – One room apartment – 35$ per night  12 Novgorodskaya Str., apt. 71, 4th floor

A cozy one room residential space is located not far from the downtown area. A very comfortable place to have a rest and sleep. This apartment is equipped with all facilities requested by the modern life. Also it’s decorated with charming things which will bring an atmosphere of home and make you feel comfortable. More over you’ll have at your disposal a private bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen and air-conditioning. You’ll enjoy your stay in Kharkov city

Apartment #4 – One room apartment – 40$ per night  6 Chubarya Str., apt. 22, 1st floor

These posh accommodations are located not far from “Architektora Beketova” metro station in the historical center of the city. Here you’ll have available a TV-set, a microwave oven, all needed facilities and air conditioner. This place is an ideal one for those who like to spend their time in a calm and restful atmosphere and to have a walk around the city in the favourable weather.

Apartment #5 – One room apartment – 40$ per night  21a Lenin avenue, apt 32, 6th floor

This apartment consists of one room, a kitchen with all required facilities, and a bathroom. The cozy lodgment will make you feel homish. The comforts include cable TV set, a stereo system, air conditioning. The kitchen area is equipped with fridge, microwave, toaster dishes and stove.

Apartment #6 – One room apartment – 45$ per night  21а Lenin avenue, apt. 46, 8th floor

This dwelling is designed for sentimental and dreamy persons who like to surround themselves with the warmth of light colours and wish to experience a life of joy for somewhile. It will take you 5 minutes to reach the metro station “Naukova”. This lodgment is provided with a TV set, air conditioner, microwave oven, a shower cabin, and all necessary facilities required by the modern life. And from the seventh floor where the apartment is situated there an astonishment view of the city opens to you.

Apartment #7 – Two rooms apartment – 45$ per night  21 Krasnoznamennaya Str., apt. 9, 3rd floor

You will like a unique collocation of the flat in the heart of the quiet historical city center. The mentioned apartment will serve good for both  business and leisure travelers and there will be an easy access for you to some of the most popular sightseeing attractions. Quiet and charming place. The domicile is equipped with cable TV set, stereo system, phone, microwave, fridge, toaster, electric stove and full set of dishes.

Apartment #8 – Two rooms apartment – 45$ per night  32а Danilevskogo Str., apt. 15, 2d floor

An apartment of two rooms situated in 5 minutes walk from “Naukova” metro station. It’s a large and spacious dwelling. Living in this residence you’ll be provided with all needed facilities to make stay comfortable. You will have available microwave oven, a toaster, a TV-set, a convenient sliding wardrobe. There will be no problem to walk to the downtown as the apartment is located in the city centre full of parks, and quiet yards.

Apartment #9 – Two rooms apartment – 40$ per night   16 Shekspira Str., apt. 45, 1st floor

This residence consists of two rooms. A large bed is there. Also it’s equipped with the unique lighting system which you may fix according to your mood. There are wood floor and antique furniture in the apartment. You’ll have available cable TV set, stereo system, telephone, microwave, fridge, toaster, stove, full set of dishes, air-conditioner. The walls of this dwelling decorated with the tiles, the floor and furniture are wooden. And surely the kitchen is equipped with the full set of facilities. There are plenty of cozy cafes, restaurants and nightclubs near this house.

Apartment #10 – Two rooms apartment – 55$ per night  8 Garshina Str., apt.9, 4th floor

An apartment of two rooms. Anyone who suffers from the hot weather may rest in the fresh atmosphere of cold blue and white colours which decorate the dwelling. The green city center surrounds this lodgment. The flat is provided with full set of facilities required by the modern life: a microwave oven, 2 TV-sets, a folding sofa.

Apartment #11 – Two rooms apartment – 48$ per night  20 Kultury Str., apt. 15, 4th floor

The apartment is located in the green street full of shops, cafes, restaurants. A quiet park, green yards are located nearby. There is a secure entrance to the building. A bathroom with a shower cabin is provided. Large bed. Wood floors.

Apartment #12 – Two rooms apartment – 48$ per night  24 Kosmicheskaya Str., 5th floor

An elite apartment of two rooms is a good example of an excellent and modern taste. It’s located in the central part of the city near the metro station called Naukova. While being in this lodging you will feel comfortable and cozy. There is all you need for enjoying life and having a good time in this residence.

Apartment #13 – Two rooms apartment – 48$ per night  1 Lenin avenue, apt. 14, 3rd floor

The apartment is in the very down-town, it’s located in the central street of the city, Lenin Street, the street of a high prestige. Such favourable locus allows you to take in all best restaurants, cafes, night clubs, shops and boutiques. Through the window you’ll be able to watch a great scenery of city centre. The location is absolutely safe. One may access the house only using an electronic key on the lock of entrance door.

Apartment #14 – Two rooms apartment – 55$ per night 18 Potebni Str., apt. 1, 1st floor

This classy lodgment is noteworthy. Its luxurious hustlements and attire will make your sojourn well remembered. It’s equipped with a TV-set, a microwave oven, all required kitchenware, an air conditioner, a bathroom stall, a douche. It will take you several minutes to reach the nearest metro station Architektora Beketova or reach the downtown afoot.

Apartment #15 – Three rooms apartment – 55$ per night  16 Shekspira Str., apt. 67, 1st floor

A splendid domicile is purposed for rent. The apartment is situated in the most pictorial and cultural area of the city. Such a favourable location will give you an opportunity to enjoy all the sightseeing of the central part of the city. Museums, shops, restaurants, exhibitions, cinemas, restaurants and night clubs are also situated only in a few minutes of walk from the flat. All Kharkov and Ukraine’s life and activities are running in the central avenues of the urban centre.

Apartment #16 – Three rooms apartment – 55$ per night  14/16 Lermontovskaya Str., 4th floor

This residence of three rooms is the most convenient place for those who look for lots of space, crisp air and a quiet yard. An air conditioner will make your lodgment here more comfortable and cozy both in a hot summer and in a cold weather. Three rooms will permit you to settle with someone else!


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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